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"Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) is a major player in the Indian FMCG market with leadership in personal, hair, household and fabric care segments. Our focus is on providing our customers with innovative, value for money solutions for meeting their daily needs and improving the quality of their life."

At Godrej, we have spent decades in researching for hair color solutions to youthful looking hair. With such experience, as well as the understanding of the unique hair coloring needs of Indian men and women, we continuously strive to develop products and solutions that ensure youthful looking hair. It is your appreciation and trust that has propelled Godrej Expert Hair Dye to be used by millions everyday.

The Expert range offers you five expert benefits which ensure that your hair looks young, and so that the young at heart can also look young for longer! With its unique and innovative Color Lock formulation, the color is absorbed uniformly in each and every strand of your hair, thus ensuring a longer lasting 100 % grey coverage. The color also spreads evenly, thus making your hair look naturally younger.

So whatever the amount of grey hair, Godrej Expert has a unique solution to combat them effectively and ensure 100% grey coverage. Godrej Expert is available in a super convenient powder form with a wide presence in 22 lakh outlets across the nation so you can find one right near you!

When it comes to looking younger, trust the expertise of Godrej Expert Expert solutions to a younger looking you.

  • Every second, 6 Expert sachets are purchased in India!
  • If all the sachets GCPL sold in year 2006-07 were to be lined up they would more than cover entire perimeter of India (approx 14000 km)!

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